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Title: U.S. Invasion of Paraguay to Make You Rich
Source: Newsmax Newsletter
URL Source: http://www.Newsmax.com
Published: Dec 19, 2007
Author: Scott Fraser
Post Date: 2007-12-19 10:43:12 by Horse
Keywords: None
Views: 2394
Comments: 1

Dear Newsmax Reader:

Please find below a special message from our sponsoring advertiser Scott Fraser of The Natural Contrarian. They have some important information to share with you.

Thank you.


Strong Buy Signal 3rd week - December 2007

Buy Pantera Petroleum (PTPE) Now up to $2.50 per share

The United States of America can no longer depend on Saudi Arabia for its fuel needs -- declining annual oil production and reservoir pressure are now the dismal cornerstones of this eroding kingdom. Right now, the U.S. is also scrambling to replace almost 15% of our daily fuel usage before the Venezuelan dictator ceases to supply our country.

The United States must quickly spend $BILLIONS to secure our daily oil & gas supply

Those $BILLIONS are headed directly toward the first Super-Field in Paraguay

Pantera Petroleum (PTPE) is the only Profit-Stock you must buy in Paraguay

$MILLIONS can be made by early Pantera Petroleum (PTPE) shareholders

Pantera Petroleum: Immense Early Indicators Surpass My Biggest Oil & Gas Stock Winners

“I’ve brought you oil & gas stocks that have increased by 500% to 10,000% and even more – yet Pantera Petroleum is reporting the highest potential reserves I have ever seen!”

Here’s just a few of my stocks that went through the roof:

Ultra Petroleum – I recommended Ultra to my audience below the $1 level -- today UPL trades over 10,000% higher pre-split above $130 per share.

Pennaco Energy – I gave you Pennaco below $2.50 – and the company was quickly bought out by Marathon Oil at $19 per share.

American Oil & Gas – My buy-signal was issued below $1 – and the stock moved above $8 and onto a senior exchange. NOW – Pantera Petroleum has just reported such IMMENSE potential Oil / Gas Reserves that PTPE should easily be my greatest stock-pick ever.

Pantera Petroleum (PTPE) has just revealed the early indicators of a world-record oil / gas discovery in Paraguay’s first Super-Field. These potential reserve numbers – which are included in a 2007 independent geological report by world-renowned Energy Consulting International, Inc. – are the BIGGEST I have ever seen.

Quoting directly from the company’s website at www.PanteraPetroleum.com:

Pantera Petroleum Inc. has rights to five concessions in northern Paraguay, covering nearly 16,000 square kilometers, with combined potential reserves of 6.7 TCFE of gas or 1100 million barrels of oil.

You need to be buying Pantera Petroleum (PTPE) now below $2.50 BEFORE these numbers are published in every major financial news publication:

6.7 TRILLION Cubic Feet of Gas @ $7 Mcf = $46.9 BILLION!

1.1 BILLION Barrels of Oil @ $92 per barrel = $100 BILLION!

Translation: Pantera Petroleum holds the pole position in the next red-hot energy region of the America’s – and YOU are hearing about it first! Make sure you buy PTPE now before the initial round of exploration news hits the wires.

Pantera to lead Chevron to the NEXT $100 BILLION Discovery & Drive Up Your PTPE shares Much Higher

Although my urgent buy-instruction is probably the first time you’ve heard of Pantera Petroleum – there are emerging factors that are going to make PTPE very well known to your profitable advantage.

I came across Pantera by following Chevron’s South American expansion into Paraguay. If Paraguay seems remote to you, that’s okay because it is and you can buy PTPE at the seed-level before this hidden gem becomes the center of immense oil & gas discoveries. If you wait to read about this in the Wall Street Journal, expect to pay many multiples higher for your PTPE shares.

Chevron Corporation is expanding around the borders of Paraguay – and this U.S. Oil-Titan already accounts for nearly 10% of Argentina’s total oil production and ranks as the nation’s fourth largest producer. In Brazil, Chevron operates the Frade Field where the company anticipates production of up to 85,000 barrels of oil and 30 Million cubic feet of natural gas per day by 2011. This region is about to get very hot – and PTPE is your best shot at huge profits.

RIGHT NOW -- I am making the bold projection that Chevron is preparing to make a multi-$Billion push into northern Paraguay’s initial Super-Field – right where Pantera has secured its prime property portfolio in the prolific Chaco Basin. The Chaco Basin, which extends directly into northern Paraguay from Argentina and Bolivia, already boasts production of over 2 Billion cubic feet of gas and over 50,000 barrels of oil per day – and this is just the start!

Pantera Petroleum gives you the most extreme leverage to profit from Paraguay’s coming oil and gas rush. Pantera has established the prime development position with up to an 85% stake in combined potential reserves of 6.7 TCFE of gas or 1.1 Billion barrels of oil – or up to $146 BILLION.

The choice is now yours: You can pay $90 per share for Chevron – or you can buy Pantera (PTPE) at ground floor levels below $2.50. I'm telling you that Pantera Petroleum is where the BIG MONEY will be made by astute investors who follow my preemptive buy-instruction.

And remember – even if Chevron hits the major oil and gas discovery first in Paraguay – YOU can still expect to make a TON of money on your PTPE shares because the secret will be out and the institutional buying frenzy will begin.

Poster Comment:

Now you understand why the Bush crime family wants to retire to Paraguay. Retiring to Paraguay did not work out well for the Somoza crime family. But the Somozas did not have the U.S. military (i.e. your tax dollars and you kids) to protect them. I think the author believes that Chevron can require us to invade Paraguay just like it did Iraq. I bellieve that Israel was the prime factor in the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

I did not post this article so you would invest in the stock Newsmax is touting. I would not want to invest in Paraguay when World War III is launched and the dollar collapses. I'd rather be in a place where war and revolution is less likely. And I personally would not want Dubya for a neighbor!!

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#1. To: Horse (#0)

I did not post this article so you would invest in the stock Newsmax is touting. I would not want to invest in Paraguay when World War III is launched and the dollar collapses. I'd rather be in a place where war and revolution is less likely. And I personally would not want Dubya for a neighbor!!

Excellent points. And besides which, how much can you believe someone who writes something and makes comments like this?:

Venezuelan dictator

Bush is the only one I know, of the two presidents, who ignores their Constitution and the laws of the nation.

When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken or cease to be honest.

richard9151  posted on  2007-12-19   13:36:59 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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