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Title: New Jersey National Guard Prepares to Deploy to Iraq and Syria Amid Attacks
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Published: Jan 16, 2024
Author: Mike Rivero
Post Date: 2024-01-16 07:59:53 by Horse
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It's unclear if the deployment of 1,500 troops is part of a regular troop rotation or a reinforcement

The New Jersey National Guard is preparing to deploy 1,500 troops to Iraq and Syria amid a spate of attacks on US bases in the two countries that started in mid-October over President Biden’s full-throated support of Israel’s onslaught in Gaza.

It’s unclear if the deployment is part of a scheduled troop rotation or if they’re being sent to reinforce the US military presence in the region. According to the latest figures, there are about 2,500 US troops stationed in Iraq and 900 in Syria, where they back the Kurdish-led SDF, allowing the US to occupy and control about one-third of Syrian territory.

According to the Pentagon, US troops in Iraq and Syria have come under at least 130 rocket, drone, and mortar attacks since October 17, and the attacks have injured 69 American soldiers. An umbrella group of Shia militias that calls itself the Islamic Resistance of Iraq has taken credit for most attacks.

Poster Comment:

Some states are passing legislation against foreign deployments unless war is declared.

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Assassinations in Northern Gaza

It was supposed to be a place where displaced Palestinians gathered for desperately needed supplies of food in northern Gaza.

But eyewitnesses have told Middle East Eye how on 11 January a large crowd waiting for a food truck on al-Rasheed Street came under fire from the Israeli military, with dozens killed and wounded in the attack.

The Israeli military shelled the crowd with tank fire and quadcopters. Muhammad Al-Salim, 27, witnessed the massacre, telling Middle East Eye that he saw scores of bodies strewn across the street.

The Gaza street that never sleeps

“At 9am me and my two cousins went to Al-Rasheed street after people in our area told us that trucks carrying flour were going to pass by,” he recalled.

“We arrived there at 10am because most of the streets were destroyed and filled with rubble, so cars could not pass.

“When we arrived at Al-Rasheed street, there were already hundreds of people waiting there.

“As we crossed the Nabulsi roundabout, an Israeli army tank appeared from behind a sand hill and started shooting at the people randomly.

“At the same time, quadcopter planes started attacking us and the hundreds of people, including children, around us.”

Salim says he saw two girls in front of him hit by bullets and the people at the front of the line shot and killed by tanks and quadcopters.

He added that he saw upwards of 50 dead and wounded, with hundreds of people in the crowd fleeing into the narrow streets adjoining Al-Rasheed to avoid the hail of bullets and shells

The Truth of 911 Shall Set You Free From The Lie

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