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Title: After Israel Bombs Lebanon, Washington Appears to be in Full Freak-Out Mode
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Published: Dec 18, 2023
Author: Andrew Anglin
Post Date: 2023-12-18 08:22:20 by Ada
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Obama definitely did not like Bibi at all. It seems Biden doesn’t either. The amount that these kinds of personal issues between leaders have a bearing on geopolitics is probably understated in general. If you think about your own business deals, whether or not you get along with a person is a huge part of the equation.

That said, we really don’t know how functional Biden is. It was revealed by POLITICO last week that US officials were hiding information from Biden about exchanges between US war ships and Houthis in the Red Sea. So I think it’s generally fair to say he’s not very involved in any of this, just like he doesn’t seem to be very involved in anything.

This creates a difficult situation for kosher conservative warmongers, who have talked so much about how Biden is senile and are now trying to frame him as a pro-Palestine activist against Bibi (who also, for some reason, has given Israel a blank check to slaughter children).

It looks like that as much of a lunatic as Jake Sullivan is, and as stupid as he is, he and the people at the State Department are aware that a situation of “all the world’s Moslems against Israel as America tries to defend them” is something to be avoided. If the POLITICO report about hiding exchanges with the Houthis from Biden is true, it’s probably the reverse thing – that they don’t want Biden to go out there and escalate.

I do not think Sullivan or any single individual working at the State Department is a “moderate.” I think it’s just that Bibi’s proposition of “full war against all Moslems except maybe Saudi Arabia” is so insane that extreme warmongers are trying to get him to relax.

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