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Title: Disease X - Resistance Is Futile
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Published: Dec 12, 2023
Author: Tyler Durden
Post Date: 2023-12-12 18:41:04 by Horse
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by chessmaster

Disease X in a nutshell is the next deadly outbreak expected to rampage throughout the world. And it's not necessarily just an extension of COVID, though that's a possibility. Most people consider that COVID is pretty much over, even though the CDC is predicting another monster wave this winter season. The irony of this all is that the fear of COVID is gone despite the fact that the world really didn't find any therapeutics worthy for the masses unless of course you're an Ivermectin fan or think that all-natural 3CL protease inhibitors like Tollovid are on the menu. Some would argue that Paxlovid and Lagevrio are therapeutics for the masses, but on closer review, they are ultimately concoctions by big pharma to reap in big profits off the backs of American taxpayers.

Those that will point to the success of vaccines which eventually culminated in a Nobel prize, and the millions of lives that were estimated to be saved by the vaccines, need to explain why the current booster uptake is less than 20% on average, with many areas less than 10%. The vaccine strategy will only work with mass acceptance in the 70%+ range and the people this season clearly don’t think they are worth getting. Vaccines didn't and still don't achieve herd immunity for COVID despite being available for well over a year. The NIH is working on a broad-spectrum pan-coronavirus vaccine. At issue is the timing, and how fast they could deploy it, if and when Disease X hits. It's more likely that they'll need years of testing to prove they can prevent disease. Antiviral treatments can be tested much faster.

As the playing field sits right now, no broad-spectrum antivirals are being developed to combat Disease X. Disease X is expected to have a very high mortality rate and the current strategies of a PanCorona Vaccine are woefully inadequate. Should we wave our hands up in the air and just give up thinking that resistance is futile, or is there something out there lurking in the universe that has the ability to neutralize Disease X that simply hasn't come to light? This article is going to take a crack at answering this question by connecting some dots. Disease X

Disease X is expected to be a deadly and highly transmissible virus caused by factors such as animal transmission and viral recombination (the combination of two viruses), and the concept was even introduced in 2018 by the WHO before COVID-19 existed. Disease X, though unknown now, is considered inevitable because of a variety of factors that will lead to its emergence. These factors include increasing global travel and population density, thawing of pathogens from ice caps and subsequent contamination of water, and time, among other factors.

There is a high chance that Disease X will be caused by a zoonotic virus, one that jumps from animals to humans. Zoonotic viruses make up a majority of emerging viruses that infect humans, and the expanding rate of urbanization globally is hypothesized to increase viral transmission from animals to humans as those animals are uprooted from their habitats. Regardless of the cause, there have been numerous large outbreaks in the past few decades such as Ebola, Zika, SARS, MERS, and SARS-CoV-2, and history suggests those won’t be the last. While COVID-19 was fairly deadly, everyone is wondering when a deadly virus like the Spanish Flu will emerge, which killed 50 million people out of about 1.5 billion people globally.

It has been estimated that globally there are over 1.5 million undiscovered viruses, and over half are predicted to be able to transmit to humans. As viruses remain frequently undetected until they cause disease in humans, this represents close to a million uncharacterized threats. However, some characteristics are likely, including the Disease X virus being an RNA virus, antagonizing the immune system, and having a short generation time.

Viral traits increasing zoonotic potential and risk of further human-to-human transmission following spillover.

RNA viruses have been shown to represent a majority of documented zoonotic emerging infectious diseases, and among the RNA viruses, the proportion of zoonotic viruses is 41.6%. So Disease X is fairly likely to be a zoonotic RNA virus that antagonizes the immune system and has a short generation time. By the way, COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) has all of these qualities.

So with these traits being probable, what is to be done to prepare for Disease X? The Solutions

The obvious government fan favorite is a vaccine. However, we all know that vaccines have a long lead time for development, and many question vaccine safety when developed in accelerated time periods as there is not an adequate amount of time to assess potential long-term complications. So the government might opt for a pan-vaccine (multi-virus) vaccine to, in essence, throw spaghetti against the wall to see if somehow the vaccine works and they got part of it right. However, this is an imprecise idea that is unlikely to work. Many vaccines against upper respiratory infections like COVID and influenza have modest efficacy to begin with, and those vaccines are carefully designed to almost exactly match their respective viruses. There are those working on pan vaccines already, against coronaviruses and sarbecoviruses, for instance, but a lot of work has to be done before a vaccine can be developed and be ready for an unknown virus.

A better idea for dealing with a Disease X outbreak is to have treatments like antivirals available that can reduce disease burden regardless of the exact viral strain. This might seem like an impossible idea but the potential for such treatments and remedies exists. Nestle conducted a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded study where they had subjects continuously take partially hydrolyzed guar gum to prevent sickness symptoms over the course of months. They found that regardless of the cause, those taking the modified guar gum, a complex carbohydrate dietary supplement, significantly reduced the number of days people had symptoms as well as the severity of their symptoms.

People taking the Nestle guar gum (PHGG) simply didn’t get as sick as others from all cold causes. It’s a great prophylactic but for treating Disease X a more powerful solution than a dietary supplement will be needed.

Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Cure Flying Under the Radar

A bit of dot-connecting from recent patent filings reveals a powerful broad-spectrum antiviral drug being developed with similarities to Nestle’s product. These patent filings are filed under applicants which are subsidiaries of a company called Bioxytran. According to the patent filings, Bioxytran’s drug, Prolectin-M, might have a small component of Nestle’s guar gum. Prolectin-M was used in a phase 2 clinical trial to treat patients with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 and achieved a 100% response rate vs 6% in placebo (elimination of COVID to undetectable viral levels). It also performed extremely well when compared with Pfizer’s COVID-19 antiviral Paxlovid, eliminating the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus from 100% of treated patients within 7 days, while only 30% of patients who took Paxlovid saw their virus eliminated within 20 days (see graphs below).

Using this simple comparison, it appears the efficacy of Prolectin-M is superior and this doesn’t even factor in that Bioxtyran was testing on standard risk patients unlike palovid which is for patients with underlying medical conditions. These complex carbohydrate drugs or supplements are also known to be well tolerated. The big question is: can Prolectin-M completely and rapidly eliminate other viruses, too? So far the evidence suggests the answer to that question is YES.

The Nestle guar gum study was the first piece of evidence that suggests a broad range of viruses can be treated with such a compound like Prolectin-M. Bioxytran conducted its own studies with Prolectin-M and demonstrated an antiviral effect against multiple upper respiratory tract infections, RSV, influenza, and COVID-19. These are all RNA viruses which is a likely trait for Disease X. Since these were in vitro studies, the only question left is the drug's ability to neutralize RSV, influenza, and other RNA viruses just like it did with COVID. Just like the Nestle study, Prolectin-M not only eliminated the virus itself but also cured all the COVID-19 patients of all of their symptoms (see chart below). Of course, in this case, it was a near-complete elimination of symptoms.

Vaccines | Free Full-Text | An Oral Galectin Inhibitor in COVID-19—A Phase II Randomized Controlled Trial (

This broad-spectrum antiviral is expected to work against so many different viruses because many viruses rely on proteins called galectins to replicate. Galectin folds are expressed in a wide variety of viruses and galectins themselves also aid in viral replication and immune dysfunction, so it also makes sense to have galectin blockers like Prolectin-M ready for the potential treatment of a wide range of these Disease-X potential viruses.

Prolectin could be the ultimate treatment for Disease X. And there’s a chance the DOD could go after this company and fund them if they can connect the dots. It’s the first broad-spectrum antiviral with demonstrated robust clinical efficacy, and if you think Disease X hits us, this drug is the frontrunner in development, especially when you consider Disease X could be a combination of RSV, COVID, and/or influenza.

Everyone seems to know there are a number of broad-spectrum antibiotics that can be used to treat a malady like a sinus infection, without even testing for the bacteria that caused the infection. Well tolerated antibiotics make this general treatment possible because there is a reasonable chance it will work. At this time, there are no FDA approved broad-spectrum antivirals. It seems like Bioxytran’s Prolectin drug has the potential for broad spectrum use. Bioxtyran is leading the initiative to develop the world's first broad spectrum antiviral. The company has amazing potential, but is undervalued and underfunded. The company trades on OTC Markets under the symbol (BIXT) and needs support in the form of passing along the message or shoring up the stock price to send big pharma a message that the days of developing subpar therapeutics are over.

Poster Comment:

Doctor Horse: 1) Build a gut barrier high fiber diet, B Complex and probiotics. This will protect against cytokine storms

2) Get some Ivermectin. This only works in first 7 days for covid.

3) Stock up on zinc, a natural virus killer. It needs an ionophore to carry the zinc from outside the cell to the inside where it prevents viral replication. Hydroxychloroquine, green tea and Quercetin are natural ionophores. Stock up.

4) Take a bolus (big dose of Vitamin D-3 daily) (4 images)

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