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Title: Russian commandos use newest anti-sniper robot in special operation in Ukraine source
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Published: Sep 29, 2023
Author: Mike Rivero
Post Date: 2023-09-29 10:01:51 by Horse
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Russian commando units involved in the special operation in Ukraine have used the newest robotic sniper detector Sosna-N, a source in the defense-industrial complex has told TASS.

"A batch of anti-sniper systems Sosna-N was purchased for special units and it has been successfully tested in the area of the special miliary operation," the source said.

The remote-controlled Sosna-N scans an area for optical devices such as sniper rifle scopes, binoculars, or anti-tank missile targeting systems. Upon detecting such a device, it generates an acoustic signal and releases a special laser beam to impair it. This sophisticated detection system can identify a sniper within a range of 3 kilometers while its laser countermeasure has an effective range of up to 2 kilometers. The device comes with a portable control pad, weighing around 1.1 kilograms, offering easy maneuverability for soldiers in the field. The product was first demonstrated during the Army-2021 forum.

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Russia has far better weapons for less money. We have nothing like this.

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