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Title: Hitting A BRICS Wall And Surviving
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Published: Sep 5, 2023
Author: Horse
Post Date: 2023-09-05 02:09:08 by Horse
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In 2024 the NATO countries plus Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand will hit a BRICS wall. BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India,China and South Africa) just added 6 nations. In 2024 they could add 40 more. They have already added Saudi Arabia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates who have abundant oil and natural gas. Other oil and natural gas producing nations would like to join including Algeria, Mexico, Bahrain and Kuwait.

The first consequence of hitting the BRICS wall will be the demise of the Zelensky regime. They have experienced nearly 400,000 war deaths. And Zelensky just announced the creation of a new national cemetery that will accommodate 400,000 more men.

Russia is adding their new 25th Army Group to the frontlines in the Donbass while at the same time we expect the return of the Wagner Group to the Ukraine.

Russia is continuing to improve their hardware. They will soon introduce their new artillery shell with a 100 Km (62 mile) range. Their new TOS flamethrower now has a range of 12.5 kilometers. The new version of the Lancet drone will have increased both its range and its payload by 50%. But more importantly it will attack in swarms of 80 or more communicating with each other as to targets. Swarms of Lancet drones could be released over an area where several Ukrainian brigades were operating to seek out and destroy all radar, artillery, tanks, APCs and trucks.

Ukrainian and NATO intelligence officers released their best guess as to Russia’s next move before the heavy rains make movement in the Ukrainian mud nearly impossible in October. They expect a bigger push towards Sumy district just west of Kharkov which borders Russia. This will cut off all electricity to Kharkov and the northern Donbass. The Russians will also cut off all rail traffic from Sumy which will grind re-supply to a halt. Simultaneously, another Russian Army Group will cross the border just west of Kharkov and attack Ukrainian forces on the norther Donbass from the rear. NATO intelligence officers also expect a Russian force from Crimea to attack the southern Donbass from the rear.

The Poles have lost an estimated 10,000 men fighting in the Ukraine. That would put total NATO dead at about 20,000 if not slightly more. Recently, the Ukrainians have moved all existing ready reserves to the frontlines. That includes 3 brigades of Marines who had been defending Odessa and the newly reconstituted Azov (Nazi) brigade. The latter had been used to shoot at Ukrainian battalions that refused to attack Russian frontlines. Last week, a Polish battalion started shelling Ukrainian soldiers who had refused to move forward to directly confront the Russians. The Ukrainians returned the favor by calling up the Russians and giving them details of the Polish positions so Russian artillery could protect the Ukrainians from the Poles.

I am expecting an end to the Ukrainian affair sooner rather than later. Putin made a special trip to Rostov-on-Don to meet General Gerasimov. I assume they discussed the next phase of the war. Putin has to make a move before the October rains in order to put this war behind when he runs for re-election next year.

Russia is sending delegations of soldiers, technicians and diplomats to Burkina Fasso and other African nations to pledge military training in country and for pilots in Russia. They are also pledging economic development and industrialization including nuclear power. Fewer than 30% off French speaking West African nations have electricity. French colonialists and African puppets have kept the people poor. No more!

The plan is to industrialize Africa, South America and Asia by adding value to their commodity exports. To do that they have organized their own development bank to compete with the IMF and the World Bank which are controlled respectively by Europe and the US.

Libya tried to issue an African gold backed dollar but NATO intervened and killed Qaddafi. 8 French speaking African nations have a West African franc which is actually printed in France and requires those 8 nations to keep half their reserves in France. Africa will never develop until they get control of their finances so they can get a fair value for their exports. As a first step, they could issue a new West African franc that would be convertible into Russian rubles and Chinese yuan.

Gabon just revolted against President Ali Bongo whose family made their billion dollar fortune by exploiting Africans for French colonialists since the late 1960s. Everyone talks about the need to cancel Africa’s debts but the reality is that her corrupt politicians have more than 8 times the wealth needed to pay off all of the continent’s debts.

The rise of BRICS currencies in Africa and elsewhere would mean that most of world trade be conducted in currencies other than the dollar, the pound and the euro. Total debt of G7 nations is $55 trillion. BRICS total debt is $8.9 trillion so we know who will win the currency war.

Sergey Glazyev, the Minister for Macroeconomic at the Eurasian Union wants to offer Debt Cancellation to the Global South. In exchange for joining BRICS and using BRICS currencies, he would have BRICS members and the Global South refuse to repay any loans denominated in pounds, dollars, euros and yen. That will be very bad for the dollar, the pound, the euro and the yen. It would trigger a quadrillion dollars in derivatives wiping out all of our financial institutions and governments.

It would forever end Wall Street Uber Alles.

I am looking forward to the demise of Wall Street and the despicable governments they have forced upon us. Those of us who survive the death of our currencies and the collapse of our national governments in 2024, 2025 and beyond will look back and see how much things are better for the survivors.

Yesterday I read a news article that said all jobs created in America over the past 4 years went to the foreign born. The latest US jobs report said that 1.2 million native born Americans lost jobs and were replaced by 668,000 foreigners. This might be due in part to those mandatory covid injections taking native born Americans out of the work force.

This is probably true of governments outside the US but currently in the grasp of Wall Street Bankers. As I said, that will end very soon. Prepare for an exceptionally hard landing.

I recently wrote an article that would make a great ad lib line for an improv comedian. Ask him what would be different If The Donors To Our Politicians Were Cannibals…

I have written of Ed Dowd, the Treasurer of the Kennedy 2024 presidential campaign.He has analyzed deaths and disabilities in the US and the UK. He says that billions of people will realize within the next 8 months that their governments poisoned them and their families with covid injections. They were in fact bioweapons. He expects a lot of violence. Ed Dowd: We Are Headed To Mad Max:

3 to 4 million Americans starved to death in the 1930s. I expect at least 30 million Americans to die from either starvation or violence induced by extreme hunger if we do not get rid of the current government. I wrote this: Preventing The Coming Collapse:

This article is about Colonel Doug Macgregor’s prediction that America will be too unstable for elections in November of 2024.Col Macgregor: U.S. Will “Implode.” No 2024 Elections:

7.1 million Americans own 40 or more guns and 100,000 or more bullets. Someone had the bright idea of arresting millions of Americans without trial. These facts are the basis of this article:Screw Up: 8 Million Americans Are On The List To Be Disappeared.

In another recent article I commented on the Pentagon’s $1.448 trillion budget of which according to the Office of Management and Budget about $600 billion is hidden in half a dozen different agencies. Next year’s DOD budget is supposed to be a mere $1.510 trillion. I question why the US has weapons inferior to the Philippines and Iran.

Pentagon Does Not Get Much For $1.448 Trillion:

In another recent article David Martin revealed the real Covid timeline which goes back to the first experimental Pfizer Covid mRNA injection developed in 1990 and even before that to other coronavirus events. These spike proteins are bioweapons and have been a long time in the making.

This is it: David Martin: The Covid Timeline:

Just a few days before that I wrote my annual article on the Bilderberg meetings. I have given biographical pictures of the Bilderberg attendees every year since 2012. Their current pet project is to team up with the Davos WEF crowd to shut down farms.

The latest is here: Bilderberg 2023 Annotated Members List

I wrote of those $1.68 an hour jobs in LA and homes for $549,000 in Watts thanks to unlimited immigration.$1.68 An Hour, $862,000 Homes. LA is America’s Future:

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