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Source: Esso/Pacman/Cap'n Brandon
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Published: Jun 6, 2023
Author: Esso
Post Date: 2023-06-06 18:11:49 by Esso
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SB was in his late-30s when he became my pseudo-Godson. His little girl was probably about four. What's an ex-Company man supposed to know about kids? Children, so as not to upset StraitGate. "Ewwww, kids are goats, not children!" :)

Picture two men standing back-to-back: Man #1 is in his mid-60s, 5'11", 2XL. Man 2 is in his mid-40s 5'8", M. Both men are armed to the teeth, not only with firearms, but with knowledge and a healthy disdain for government. Between the two men is a cute little pre-teen girl being protected from the LGBTQIA+ freaks.

That's where Esso, Sling Blade and his daughter stand. Be advised, it's a free-fire zone. When I'm gone, they're supposed to get my stuff. Hopefully, when my SS kicks in in a month or so, I can afford to get the Squirt in a private school or something. I don't know.

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