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Title: Nordstream the Signal That Washington Knows It Has Lost the 'Great Game'
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Published: Oct 4, 2022
Post Date: 2022-10-04 10:34:01 by Ada
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“Not ANOTHER article about the Nordstream sabotage, surely? We all know who dunnit, because we’ve seen the Biden clip and Radek Sikorski/Applebaum’s now deleted tweet, we’ve noted the telling exchange between Sen. Ron Johnson and Victoria Nuland, and because we have the wit to ask the vital question ‘cui bono?’ So what more is to be said?”

I understand if that’s your initial reaction to seeing this piece, but bear with me, because the ‘mysterious’ Baltic explosions are more than a hugely dangerous escalation in NATO’s undeclared war on Russia. They are also a signal that one of the greatest geopolitical shifts in world history has already taken place – and that the Anglo-Zionist elite understands that its imperial dominance and unipolar moment have gone for good.

There is, indeed, no need to spend long on the question of ‘whodunnit’. The Global Times (a well-informed source close to the Chinese government) summed up the blindingly obvious:

“If Russia hopes to cut off the gas supplies to Europe, the easiest way is to turn off the valve instead of blowing its own pipelines, as Moscow could maintain the advantage of handling the energy crisis, Shen Yi, a professor at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs of Fudan University, told the Global Times on Wednesday.

“’Technically, Russia sabotaging the pipelines in the Baltic Sea appears to be not feasible,”’he said. As undersea activities in the Baltic Sea have been dominated by NATO members or allies since the Cold War with monitoring devices toward then Soviet Union and now Russia, how could Moscow explode the pipelines easily, which in fact is not a favorable thing for itself, Shen asked.

“’Who want to sabotage the Russia-EU energy cooperation? The answer is pretty clear,’ Ming Jinwei, a former journalist and blogger, told the Global Times on Wednesday.

‘The US can achieve three goals: striking Russia’s energy export to attack its overall economic and financial revenues, to limit Europe’s energy supplies and make it buy more crude oil and gas from the US with higher prices and to strictly control the lifeblood of European countries, he said’.”

This fits in with the thesis of a prescient article by Mike Whitney, published in the Unz Review way back in February:

“The Ukrainian crisis has nothing to do with Ukraine. It’s about Germany and, in particular, a pipeline that connects Germany to Russia called Nord Stream 2. Washington sees the pipeline as a threat to its primacy in Europe and has tried to sabotage the project at every turn. ….

“The US Foreign Policy establishment is not happy about these developments. They don’t want Germany to become more dependent on Russian gas because commerce builds trust and trust leads to the expansion of trade. As relations grow warmer, more trade barriers are lifted, regulations are eased, travel and tourism increase, and a new security architecture evolves. In a world where Germany and Russia are friends and trading partners, there is no need for US military bases, no need for expensive US-made weapons and missile systems, and no need for NATO. There’s also no need to transact energy deals in US Dollars or to stockpile US Treasuries to balance accounts. Transactions between business partners can be conducted in their own currencies which is bound to precipitate a sharp decline in the value of the dollar and a dramatic shift in economic power.

“This is why the Biden administration opposes Nord Stream. It’s not just a pipeline, it’s a window into the future; a future in which Europe and Asia are drawn closer together into a massive free trade zone that increases their mutual power and prosperity while leaving the US on the outside looking in. Warmer relations between Germany and Russia signal an end to the “unipolar” world order the US has overseen for the last 75 years. A German-Russo alliance threatens to hasten the decline of the Superpower that is presently inching closer to the abyss. This is why Washington is determined to do everything it can to sabotage Nord Stream and keep Germany within its orbit. It’s a matter of survival.”

It is also, very clearly, a matter of short-term profits. Bloomberg pointed out in June that the US sent nearly three quarters of all its liquefied natural gas to Europe in the first four months of 2022, with daily shipments to the region more than tripling from last year’s average. I have no idea how much that is worth, but with the Saudi petro-dollar recycling mechanism so clearly crumbling, it is logical enough that the US would scramble for ways to keep their debt-ridden fiat currency inextricably connected with the energy business. Enter the European gas-dollar because, of course, all that LNG is paid for not in Euros but in USD.

While on the subject of money, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine (and spreading!) is a massive laundering operation for money transferred from US taxpayers to private vested interests. From arms sales to vanishing aid money, a small number of people are hoovering up vast sums of money, and they pass a few spare wads of that filthy lucre back to the politicians and media outlets who keep up the pressure for the racket that is war. That said, to ‘follow the money’ alone would lead one to miss several much bigger and even more important pictures.

“The primordial interest of the United States, over which for centuries we have fought wars– the First, the Second and Cold Wars– has been the relationship between Germany and Russia, because united there, they’re the only force that could threaten us. And to make sure that that doesn’t happen.” George Friedman, STRATFOR CEO at The Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs

I set out the connection between the pipeline outrage and the interests of the US elite in an interview earlier this week for Sky News Arabia, which often takes a very different view of world affairs to that of the Sky News we all know and loath:

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