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Title: The Anti-American Tone on German and Austrian Social Media has Escalated Dramatically
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Published: Oct 2, 2022
Author: Staff
Post Date: 2022-10-02 10:29:34 by Horse
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Following the Nordstream extravaganza, German/Austrian social media has become, let’s say, a little bit anti American.

German and Austrian netizens openly accuse the US Navy, which days ago was in the Baltic Sea, of having carried out the attacks against Nordstream 1/Nordstream 2.

Some even go further from this point and accuse the current Social-Democratic Government of Germany of being “Vassals of America”, which is an understatement.

Poster Comment:

This winter will be very cold. The Germans will have little heat. They will have lots of rioting Africans and Middle Easterners who will be hungry and cold. Their economies will be permanently ruined. Their lives were permanently ruined by American Neocons.

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