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12 Genius Ways For Congress To Pay Off The $31 Trillion National Debt
Post Date: 2022-10-06 10:04:08 by Ada
America's national debt just passed $31 trillion for the first time in history. Yikes! Don't worry though, we at The Babylon Bee have a few brilliant money-raising ideas up our sleeves that Congress probably hasn't heard of yet. You're welcome, America! Burn down the Lincoln Memorial for the insurance money: A foolproof plan. Sell the moon to China for $31 trillion: Maybe throw in California for good measure. Nobody will miss it! Two words: BAKE SALE! If we sell around 10 trillion brownies, we'll have that debt licked in no time! And we hear Ted Cruz makes a mean brownie. Get Russia to invade us and watch the aid money roll in: The surest way to untold riches! Ask ...

PayPal Could Be Legally Prevented From Banning People For Their Political Views
Post Date: 2022-09-27 09:19:25 by Ada
New law would end discrimination. PayPal could be prevented by law from banning people over their political views, after the company faced a backlash following its decision to terminate the accounts of several high profile groups. Although PayPal has been banning conservatives and right-wingers for years, its recent move to terminate accounts operated by the Free Speech Union and other groups in the UK that opposed lockdowns and vaccine mandates has apparently been a step too far. Following the controversy, dozens of Conservative Party MPs, including Michael Gove, David Davis and Sir Iain Duncan Smith, signed an open letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Business Department demanding that ...

9 Reasons Not To Worry About The Tanking Economy
Post Date: 2022-09-27 07:36:00 by Ada
The economy is in the toilet! What will you do? Relax! This is nothing to worry about. We're all just transitioning to a brighter future together! Here are 9 reasons not to worry about the tanking economy: Biden and Kamala have totally got this: Never has there ever been a more brilliant pair of politicians than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They have something up their sleeve to save us all! ...Right? $4 gas won't be a problem once you've been forced to buy a $100,000 electric car: The Great Green Transition is underway! Money isn't real anyway: Relaaaaxxxx! You're probably fat and could use a few weeks without food: The economy is doing you a favor, fattie! You ...

The Fed Is Aiding the Democrat’s Coup
Post Date: 2022-09-25 09:38:19 by Ada
Dear friends, The Federal Reserve is not conducting an anti-inflationary policy. It is conducting an anti-people policy. The rising prices are not due to excessive consumer demand that needs to be curtailed by choking off credit. The rise in prices are the direct consequence of the idiot Biden regimes’ unnecessary Covid lockdowns and the idiot Biden regime’s Russian sanctions which have disrupted the globalism on which the Washington fools have based our economy. Putting people out of work cannot prevent higher prices due to supply constraints. The Federal Reserve is causing higher prices by further reducing supply. If the Federal Reserve does not know this, the Federal ...

Blain: UK Grieves As Economic Crises Loom
Post Date: 2022-09-15 13:07:31 by Horse
Authored by Bill Blain via, “Give ‘em the old razzle dazzle, give them an act with lots of flash in it..” As London grieves we’re not paying much attention to politics and markets – but we should. The outlook is deteriorating. Confidence is declining and will likely get worse if the new government’s lack of awareness and sensitivity continues. London this week has been extraordinary. It will become more so as literally millions of us are prepared to queue to pay our respects in whatever the weather throws at us. The great affection in which the Queen was held, and our hopes for King Charles, have come to the fore – giving the whole ...

U.S. Incomes Fail to Grow for Second Year in a Row, Census Figures Show Households facing highest inflation in decades recorded median 2021 income of $70,800
Post Date: 2022-09-14 08:48:21 by Ada
Americans as a whole have experienced two years in a row of flat or declining household income, new government data showed Tuesday, reflecting the pandemic’s lingering economic pain as inflation is also taking the largest bite out of pocketbooks in four decades. In its annual assessment of the nation’s financial well-being, the Census Bureau said median household income of about $70,800 in 2021 wasn’t different in a statistically significant way from the inflation- adjusted 2020 estimate of about $71,200. The lack of any real growth for 2021 follows a decrease in incomes recorded in 2020, the first year of the pandemic. Totals in 2020 and 2021 were boosted by significant ...

Inflation Continues to Skyrocket as Fed Claims Raising Interest Rates Will Fix It
Post Date: 2022-09-13 22:57:34 by Ada
I have said that raising interest rates is actually going to increase inflation. People have confronted me about this, but what I’ve said is actually very simple and obvious: Raising interest rates lowers the wealth of the people, and while it should also reduce inflation, it actually means that more entitlements are necessary, which means the government printing more money than the interest rates save. Very simple. Raising interest rates is only a valid way of digging out of an inflation spiral if you do not have entitlements. New York Post: US inflation rose by a higher-than-expected 8.3% in August despite falling gasoline prices — adding pressure on the Federal Reserve as ...

America Says Offer To Trade Biden For The Queen Still Stands
Post Date: 2022-09-10 09:36:12 by Ada
LONDON — Trade representatives in the United Kingdom were surprised to learn that the offer made by the United States to trade President Joe Biden for Queen Elizabeth II still stands, even after the Queen passed away yesterday at the age of 96. "We just assumed that the offer was only valid as long as Her Majesty was still living," said Sir David Cathcart, the recently appointed Minister of Human Trades for the British government. "The offer was initially taken into consideration quite seriously due to Mr. Biden being significantly younger than the Queen, but after doing our research, it became evident that his mental capabilities had degraded to a rather absurd ...

The Public Will Be SHUT OUT Of Gold & Silver | Andy Schectman
Post Date: 2022-08-24 07:07:02 by BTP Holdings
Sign up for the New Orleans Investment Conference and be supporting LibertyAndFinance along the way: "By the time the herd catches on the insiders are probably already moving in the other direction," says Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin Precious Metal Investments. The COMEX 50-day average rate of gold withdraws just hit a new record high. The wealthy are now taking delivery of physical precious metals. The big money and insiders are making their moves early, but at the end, "the public will just be shut out," says Schectman.

China just ran into something that could be even more devastating for its supply chains than COVID-19 lockdowns: A record heat wave
Post Date: 2022-08-20 13:33:21 by BTP Holdings
China just ran into something that could be even more devastating for its supply chains than COVID-19 lockdowns: A record heat wave BY WILL DANIEL August 20, 2022 at 6:00 AM CDT Video Poster COVID-19 lockdowns in China threw a wrench into global supply chains earlier this year, causing shipping and production delays worldwide, and hindering economic growth. Now, the country is facing another major threat—and this one could be even worse for the economy. China has been coping with its worst heat wave in 60 years this month, with temperatures in several provinces routinely reaching 40°C (104°F). But one key province is experiencing the worst financial repercussions from the ...

The absurdity of the NY AG’s investigation of Trump’s valuations of his properties
Post Date: 2022-08-11 07:56:09 by Ada
The NY AG, Federal Justice Department and other Democrats have been targeting Trump in search of a crime. The NY AG is accusing Trump of inflating his net worth and value of properties. If everyone who thought that they and their net worth and properties were worth more than they are were guilty of fraud, the Jails would be very crowded. If Trump committed fraud the banks would have destroyed him. Banks don’t just take the word of someone who comes in for a loan. They are required to get financial statements, tax returns, and appraisals before they make loans of all sizes, let alone the amounts the Trump Organization borrowed. I was a financial regulator for three years and have ...

"We're Close To The Breaking Point" | John Rubino
Post Date: 2022-08-07 19:48:25 by BTP Holdings
Stocks tanked the first half of 2022, but now markets are rallying again. Volatility will continue to rise, says John Rubino, founder of But the bigger story is that the current system of fiat currency and debt is coming to an end. "We're close to the breaking point," he says. The realization that there is no painless fix to high inflation will put markets in turmoil. "Over the next few years we could see the next phase of the chaos." It is imperative to be prepared. "The solution to chaos is to limit your risk, because you just can't know exactly what's going to happen."

Bannon: ‘We Need To End The Federal Reserve’
Post Date: 2022-08-07 06:30:57 by Ada
"The Federal Reserve has usurped its power and the power of the American people and our elected representatives," says former WH strategist. Former White House Strategist Steve Bannon claimed the Federal Reserve System has “usurped” the power of the American people by dictating U.S. monetary policy outside the democratic process and therefore must be abolished. “0.5% of the citizens in this country own more assets than the bottom 90%. That’s all happened in the last ten years since 2008,” Bannon said Friday at CPAC 2022 in Dallas, Texas. “The Federal Reserve, by the way, is not owned by the America people, a central bank that is owned by 24 prime ...

Sudden Stock Mkt REVERSAL Possible - Be Prepared To Get Out | Chris Vermeulen
Post Date: 2022-08-06 18:15:46 by BTP Holdings
The current rally in the stock market could continue, or it could reverse suddenly, says Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders. Extreme caution is necessary. "This market could roll over very quickly," he says. Within days, investors could lose all their recent gains. A further downturn in stocks could put pressure on precious metals and miners, he says.

The Economy Fell Apart Last Time We Saw THIS | Michael Pento
Post Date: 2022-08-05 17:11:07 by BTP Holdings
Total debt to GDP is at the same ratio as in December 2007 right when the economy fell apart, says portfolio manager Michael Pento. He expects a reversal from the Fed later this year or early next. Investors should be extremely cautious during these trying times, he says. "You cannot have an implosion of the great three asset bubbles in history - stocks, bonds, and real estate imploding together - and have a soft landing. It's just not possible."

How tax freedom is enticing Americans like Logan Paul to move to Puerto Rico
Post Date: 2022-08-05 10:53:41 by Ada
Residents pay no federal income tax or capital-gains tax in Puerto Rico — and that's something that's enticing Americans. Residents pay no federal income tax or capital-gains tax in Puerto Rico -- and that's something that's enticing Americans. Greetings from San Juan: PR Mayor Romero backs de Blasio for Congress Want to pay no federal income tax? Move to Puerto Rico. Really. If you move to the island, you can legally pay none. There’s also no capital-gains tax. You just have to give 4% of your income to Puerto Rico. That tax break was started by a Puerto Rican politician who’d watched years of high taxes fail to improve life on the island. He decided to ...

Commercial Banks Buying Silver & Taking Delivery? | Andy Schectman
Post Date: 2022-08-03 20:34:59 by BTP Holdings
Commercial banks' short positions in silver are extremely low. Physical inventories are dwindling as investors are taking delivery of their silver off the COMEX. This fall could be pivotal for the metals industry, says Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin Precious Metal Investments. Retail inventory is already incredibly tight. "It won't take much to completely disrupt this entire ecosystem."

Seattle businesses take law into own hands to combat homelessness, angering activists
Post Date: 2022-08-01 21:40:48 by Dakmar
Business and property owners in Seattle are installing 1-ton concrete blocks on city streets to prevent RVs and homeless encampments from forming or returning to an area."Individual businesses and residents are putting ecology blocks out as taking matters in their own hands because if they call the city and say there are RVs out in front of their business or out in front of their home, they can’t do anything about it," business owner JW Harvey told The Seattle Times.Anonymous Seattleites have hauled the massive 1 to 2-ton blocks – known as "ecology blocks" or "eco blocks" – using special equipment outside residential areas and in front of ...

China's Mortgage Crisis, Banks are Failing, Protests Everywhere. China's financial crisis is Here...
Post Date: 2022-07-31 15:04:24 by BTP Holdings
Poster Comment:The bankksters have a firm grip on Chinese mortgages and real estate.

Trump Warns Something Worse Than Recession Is Coming
Post Date: 2022-07-30 08:30:10 by Ada
Former President Donald Trump has warned that America’s economy is on track for a bigger disaster than a recession, with his remarks coming shortly before government statistics showed GDP printing negative for the second consecutive quarter, which is a rule-of-thumb definition for a recession. “Where we’re going now could be a very bad place,” Trump said at a rally in Arizona last week. “We got to get this act in order, we have to get this country going, or we’re going to have a serious problem.” The former president singled out the collapse in Americans’ real wages, a historically depressed labor force participation rate, and the Democrat push for ...

We’ve finally got confirmation that Joe was ‘the Big Guy’ all along
Post Date: 2022-07-28 08:06:25 by Ada
Currently, Merrick Garland is seriously contemplating indicting Donald Trump for daring to do what Democrats did in 2000 and 2016: Questioning an election’s validity. That is a dangerous ideological turn. Meanwhile, in the land of actual facts, Miranda Devine has unearthed compelling evidence that, when Hunter’s business partners were planning to have “H” hold “10%” for “the Big Guy” as part of a massive deal with a CCP-backed Chinese energy company, “the Big Guy” was Joe Biden, who had just left the Vice President’s office. The background to this story is that Hunter Biden, in a drugged-out haze, dropped his computer off in a ...

INSIDER ALERT - Why I Just Made This Investment Move in Precious Metals
Post Date: 2022-07-28 07:38:10 by BTP Holdings
Yesterday, Mike made an investment move, which triggered an “Alert” to his exclusive “Insider” clients. And today we’re doing something extremely special. We’re releasing that same information free to the public on YouTube. This doesn’t happen very often, so make sure you don’t miss it. Mike Maloney spends most of his time exposing the inner workings of Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and Central Banks… while teaching people about the most sound money in history – gold. But today, he’s eyeing a different opportunity in precious the video for more.

Explosive Moves In Silver/Gold Will Surprise Everyone | Bob Moriarty
Post Date: 2022-07-28 07:03:00 by BTP Holdings
"This is the end of the financial system in the West," says financial author, Marine, and Naval Aviator Bob Moriarty. "Most people are going to lose most of what they have." The general equity market is already showing signs of weakness, and he believes it has much further to fall. He says precious metals have bottomed and the coming move in gold, silver, and mining stocks will surprise many people.

Will American Medical Science Follow the American Economy on the Road to Destruction?
Post Date: 2022-07-28 06:50:51 by Ada
Lysenkoism Is Raising Its Head in the American Board of Internal Medicine As I recently wrote, the US no longer has an economy. America is a market for goods produced offshore with foreign labor that US global corporations sell to Americans. The US which once produced its own manufactured goods and food now imports much of it. The result is that fewer and fewer American incomes are based in the production of goods and services consumed by Americans. This is the path of de- industrialization and poverty. Not only does America no longer have an economy, it no longer seems to have any economic statistics or ones that make much sense. For example, allegedly inflation is at 9 percent ...

Steve Bannon Was Right!—Millennials "Don’t Have A Chance"
Post Date: 2022-07-27 06:19:54 by Ada
[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through] Last Sunday‘s happy celebration of my grandson’s christening left me reflecting, for the umpteenth time, on my own great good fortune in being born when I was (1945). And worrying that Millennials (the generation born circa 1981-1996) just “don‘t have a chance”—to quote Steve Bannon, currently in the news for other reasons. In one of my monthly diaries a couple of years ago I noted the fiftieth anniversary of my buying my first house. That was in the context of Bernie Sanders making a strong play for the Democratic Party 2020 nomination, and the support he had among young ...

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