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Putin's New Ukraine Commander Dubbed "General Armageddon" For Ruthless Track Record
Post Date: 2022-10-12 02:49:37 by Horse
President Vladimir Putin sacked two of his senior military commanders and appointed General Sergey Surovikin to lead the next the next phase of the war effort in Ukraine, which began with Monday's major escalation in airstrikes on over a dozen cities, which was a response to the Kerch Bridge bombing. Pundits and journalist in the West are widely casting Gen. Surovikin's appointment as part of a new "gloves off", more brutal offensive to come on the heels of last month's partial mobilization order which has involved calling up some 300,000 reservists to support the "special operation". He was previously head of the air force. Mainstream press reports have ...

EVERYTHING changes in 3 weeks as Putin amasses biggest force yet | Redacted
Post Date: 2022-10-11 22:42:29 by Horse
Poster Comment:Chilling predictions from Colonel Douglas MacGregor.

U.K. TERROR ATTACK crosses the line in Crimea, as Putin UNLEASHES fury | Redacted
Post Date: 2022-10-11 22:37:56 by Horse
Poster Comment:MI-6 did the Crimea bridge bombing. Reporter says the July 7, 2005 London subway bombing used people who did not know they were going to die.

Trump Warns We're Risking World War III: 'Stupid People' Don't Have a Clue
Post Date: 2022-10-11 10:59:19 by Ada
Former President Donald Trump has become increasingly worried about the war between Russia and Ukraine fearing that it can all too easily spin out of control and pull the rest of the world into a terrible world war. At a Saturday rally in Minden, Nevada, Trump spoke about Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine and noted that he fears a worse conflagration if Ukraine does not at least try to negotiate with Russia. Trump was in Nevada stumping for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt, who is currently in the lead against Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, as well as GOP gubernatorial candidate Joe Lombardo. But during the rally, Trump noted that the fight in Ukraine could very ...

Ukraine halts electricity exports to EU
Post Date: 2022-10-11 07:19:39 by Horse
Damage to energy infrastructure caused by Moscow’s air strikes has forced Ukraine’s government to cut off electricity exports to the European Union, taking away a supply source that Kiev claims helped its partners reduce their reliance on power generated with Russian natural gas. “Today’s missile strikes, which hit the thermal generation and electrical substations, forced Ukraine to suspend electricity exports from October 11, 2022, to stabilize its own energy system,” the Ukrainian energy ministry said on Monday in a statement. The ministry noted that even after losing control of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant to Russian forces in March, Kiev had been able ...

Experts estimate 20 million are already dead due to COVID Vaccination & over 2 billion injured
Post Date: 2022-10-11 07:17:04 by Horse
eeling back the layers of deception and obfuscation reveals a shocking truth that may not be all that shocking to our informed readers: Covid-19 “vaccines” are injuring and killing far more people than the government is letting on. Estimates compiled from pieced-together data suggest that as many as 20 million people worldwide have died so far from the shots, while another 2.2 billion have suffered injuries – and we are only just getting started. “Add the EUDRA and VAERS adverse event data on deaths and “events” together, multiply by an under-reporting factor of 40, globalize the EU+US one-eighth share of 12.5 billion global doses. VAERS (take only the US ...

Belarus & Russia Deploying "Regional Grouping" Of Troops, Lukashenko Announces
Post Date: 2022-10-11 07:05:08 by Horse
Belarus appears to be playing a larger role in Russian operations in neighboring Ukraine following the weekend Crimean bridge attack. For starters, Ukraine on Monday charged Belarus with hosting Iranian-made suicide drones which Russian forces used it its major air assault on Kiev. "The enemy used Iranian Shahed-136 UAVs in strikes launched from the territory of Belarus" and the Crimean peninsula, the Ukraine military said in statement, claiming further to have intercepted at least nine of the drones, which were "destroyed." As for Warsaw's new advisory, no specific reasons were given other than continued deteriorating relations amid general tensions related to ...

WTF: Kiev Muppets Kneel To Their Overlord Zelensky As His Convoy Passes
Post Date: 2022-10-11 01:45:54 by Horse

U.S. Airforce Pilot Admits Shock & Awe Baghdad Terror Strikes Were Worse Than Hiroshima & Nagasaki
Post Date: 2022-10-11 01:39:44 by Horse
Poster Comment:They dropped more bomb tonnage than at Hiroshima or Nagasaki. The plan was to bomb the Iraqis for 72 hours straight so the soldiers could not sleep, could not think.

Prying Germany Away From American Subjugation
Post Date: 2022-10-11 00:42:23 by Horse
America's Secret Government blew up Nord Stream 1 and 2 but German politicians are still groveling at the feet of Washington and Wall Street. The first good news is that the American operatives did not completely get Nord Stream 2 so their natural gas service can be restored as soon as Germans tell the men and women running their country into the ground for Wall Street and the World Economic Forum in Davos to stop their treason. The second good news is that German authorities are investigating an act of sabotage that shut down train service for 3 hours. Germany is the powerhouse of the European Union. Germany is, apart from America, the most important member of NATO though Britain ...

Joe Rogan & Dave Smith Break Down The Real Reasons Russia Invaded Ukraine In Viral Clip
Post Date: 2022-10-10 20:58:22 by Horse
Amid this month's sudden and dangerous uptick in nuclear rhetoric surrounding the war in Ukraine, a YouTube clip from the official Joe Rogan Experience channel is soon to hit five million views a mere two weeks after the original program aired. Comic and rising Libertarian movement star commentator Dave Smith appeared as a guest on Rogan's show in late September where the two discussed among other things the real reasons that Russia invaded Ukraine, in contradiction of the prevailing mainstream narrative which claims it's simply all about Putin being a "monster" bent on restoring the Soviet Union. Watch this rare 15-minute takedown of the mainstream narrative on the ...

Professor Sachs: "Ukraine Needs To Stop Bombing Nuclear Power Plant And Blaming It On Russia"
Post Date: 2022-10-10 13:58:36 by Horse
“It is almost surely Ukraine shelling the power plant and we can’t bring ourselves to express a simple truth...”

"It's A Global Margin Call. I Hope We Survive"
Post Date: 2022-10-10 13:54:59 by Horse
The average US pension has probably lost more than 20% of its asset value this year. Some have lost much more.

Unvaccinated are ‘the best of mankind’
Post Date: 2022-10-10 12:03:48 by Horse
French General Christian Blanchon, aged 58, commanded the 1st Parachute Regiment at Toulouse. He served as an officer in operations in Lebanon, Chad, Central Africa and Kosovo. And on September 9, 2022, this highly respected general published a tribute to the unvaccinated, which has gone viral on social media, but is being ignored by the mainstream media. The content reads: “They’re there, by your side, they seem normal, but they’re superheroes. Even if I were fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for withstanding the greatest pressure I have ever seen, including from spouses, parents, children, friends, coworkers, and doctors. Humans who have been capable of ...

South Korean Defense Sources Express Concerns About Unreliable F-35 Fighters
Post Date: 2022-10-10 11:42:06 by Horse
The Republic of Korea Air Force (RoKAF), the official name of South Korea’s air force, has faced significant difficulties with its two new squadrons of Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighters, 40 of which have been delivered to meet an order placed in 2014 with 20 more currently on order to form a third squadron. According to air force data obtained by Shin Won-min, a member of the South Korean National Assembly’s National Defense Committee, inspections have found the F-35s suffered from 234 flaws over 18 months from January 2021 to June 2022. These included 172 “non-flying status” (G-NORS) and 62 “cannot perform specific mission status” (F-NORS) cases. The ...

Ben Bernanke And Two Others Win Nobel Prize In Economics For Crisis Research
Post Date: 2022-10-10 11:35:04 by Horse
"Powell should also get for being the best inflation forecaster." Poster Comment:Bernanke? I was a better practical economist when I was 9 years-old. I could have ended the Depression in 90 days. The FED let it run until they got the war they wanted.

BoE's New Support Plan Fails As UK Gilt Yields Explode Higher
Post Date: 2022-10-10 11:30:59 by Horse
“Market interventions of this type by the central bank are not normal.” Poster Comment:100 Pounds sterling equals 110.34 United States Dollars

Russia Launches Large-Scale Strikes On Some 20 Ukrainian Cities In Response To "Terrorist" Crimea Bridge Blast
Post Date: 2022-10-10 11:25:20 by Horse
A series of major explosions rocked Kyiv and several locations across Ukraine on Monday, following Russian President Vladimir Putin blaming Ukrainian special services for the "terrorist" blast which partially disabled the Crimean bridge that links Russia to the peninsula. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed the fresh missile attacks in a statement posted to Telegram, saying that the new "missiles hitting" are part of the Kremlin trying to "wipe us off the face of the Earth," and that: "Unfortunately, there are dead and wounded." At least 100 strikes were carried out, with many cruise missiles launched from Russian warships in the Black ...

Putin: Russian High-Precision Strikes Target Infrastructure in Response to Kiev's Terrorism
Post Date: 2022-10-10 10:30:43 by Ada
Russia launched missile strikes on a series of infrastructure targets across Ukraine on Monday after investigators concluded that Ukrainian security services were responsible for Saturday morning's attack on the Crimean Bridge. Monday morning's series of missile strikes targeting Ukrainian infrastructure was a response to Kiev's long record of terrorist actions, including but not limited to Saturday's attack on the Crimean Bridge, Russian President Vladimir Putin has indicated. "It is obvious that Ukraine's special services were the masterminds, organizers and perpetrators of the terror attack [on the bridge]. The Kiev regime has been using terrorist methods for ...

How the Enemy Plans Disasters
Post Date: 2022-10-10 09:56:57 by Ada
We all know, to our cost, how the enemies of humanity used the so-called covid “pandemic” to try to destroy us. They imposed draconian shutdowns on the economy, pressured and in many cases ordered us to take killer vaccines and blocked young people from the contact with their friends they need to grow up properly. Some people, such as the monster “Dr.” Anthony Fauci, would like to shut us down again. See the great book on him by Robert Kennedy Jr, The Real Anthony Fauci, and my review of it here. But the situation is even worse than we thought. Michael Rectenwald has written a brilliant new book, The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty: Unraveling the Global ...

Russia Rains Hell Down on Central Kiev – Zelensky’s Office Reportedly Blown Up
Post Date: 2022-10-10 07:59:52 by Ada
!• After the Ukrainian terrorist attack on the Crimea bridge, Russia has rained down hellfire on central Kiev. So-called “Ukraine” people were said to be screaming “it’s KEEV” as they burned up. Footage of the bombing is quite a spectacle. Click for Full Text!

Putin is bombing Kiev Zelensky and SBU Offices.
Post Date: 2022-10-10 07:59:07 by Horse
Poster Comment:BBC reporter in Kiev ran from his position. This costs Putin nothing. He is replacing his Mach 3 cruise missiles with the Mach 10 Zircon. And hes is replacing the Iskander with the Kinzhal. If does not blow Zelensky sky high, then these older missiles will just be sent into storage or sold to Iran or Syria.

Jeffrey Sachs as Righteous Rogue Elephant
Post Date: 2022-10-10 07:55:58 by Ada
Until just a few months ago, I doubt there were many American academics more solidly situated in the topmost ranks of our elite mainstream establishment than Prof. Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University. In 1983 he gained Harvard University tenure at the remarkably young age of 28, then spent the next 19 years as a professor at that august academic institution; by the early 1990s the New York Times was already hailing him as the world’s most important figure in his field. Lured to Columbia University in 2002, he has spent the last couple of decades teaching there and also directing a couple of its research organizations, most recently the Center for Sustainable Development. TIME ...

Trump Calls for Russia-Ukraine Peace Negotiations to Prevent World War III
Post Date: 2022-10-10 07:50:45 by Ada
Former US President Donald Trump said it is necessary for Russia and Ukraine to start immediate negotiations, otherwise the crisis may turn into World War III and cause global destruction. “And now we have a war between Russia and Ukraine with potentially hundreds of thousands of people dying. We must [start] the immediate negotiation of a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine or we will end up in World War III, and there will be nothing left of our planet,” Trump said on Saturday, delivering a speech during a rally in Minden, Nevada, as quoted by the C-SPAN broadcaster. On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a decree on the implementation of the decision of ...

Maps Not To Die For
Post Date: 2022-10-10 07:45:07 by Ada
Part 1 Washington can’t get out of its own way – that’s for sure. After recklessly depleting the nation’s SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve) to just 23 days of supply, or the lowest level since the early 1980s, OPEC has now administered a 2 million barrels per day (mb/d) slap in the face. That is to say, the approximate $1 per gallon drop in gasoline prices since mid-June, which on the margin was facilitated by dumping 1 Mb/d of artificial SPR crude supply into the world market, will presently start marching back uphill. By November 8th Joe Biden will be left high and dry – with angry voters at the polls and a humiliating rebuke by the entire membership of OPEC ...

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