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Armageddon Is Closer Than You Think
Post Date: 2022-10-25 09:59:49 by Ada
The world is facing catastrophe, and there is no awareness. For years I and Stephen Cohen, while he was still alive, advised that Washington’s provocations of Russia, including those of its NATO puppet states, were misguided and counter-productive. Even prior to the fall of the Soviet Union, Gorbachev was open for the Soviet Union to become a cooperating member of the West. The Russian population had a favorable attitude toward the West and looked forward to Russia’s incorporation into the Western world. The Reagan administration and Reagan’s successor, the George H. W. Bush administration were open to this idea. President Bush’s Secretary of State Jim Baker ...

Dutch government to seize 600 farms at gunpoint, claiming nitrogen is a pollutant
Post Date: 2022-10-24 18:35:39 by Horse
Another round of farmer protests could soon be on the way in The Netherlands following an announcement that as many as 600 farms throughout the country may get seized for “polluting” the environment with nitrogen. Former deputy prime minister Johan Remkes says he plans to follow the advice from the government’s mediator to meet the nitrogen demands of the European Union (EU), which wants to phase out the use of nitrogen, calling it a “pollutant.” In response, Farmers Defence Force leader Mark Van den Oever says he and others will take to the streets in opposition to the new standards, which unfairly dubs nitrogen as something harmful when it is really just a ...

Gonzalo Lira: The Americans Are Evil
Post Date: 2022-10-24 15:19:40 by Horse
Poster Comment:A dirty bomb is America's October surprise.

New low for the BBC…
Post Date: 2022-10-24 10:10:44 by Horse
Jonathan Wong @WGthink Trans comedian strips naked and plays keyboard with penis on Friday Night Live on Channel 4. Poster Comment:The BBC audience cheered. You might want to take my word for it rather than actually click to see this short segment.

THREAD: In @SenatorLeahy's new memoir, there's a wild story in it that I haven't ever seen before
Post Date: 2022-10-24 10:05:01 by Horse
a rare glimpse into the shadowy way that the intel agencies interact with Members of Congress. It feels ripped from a political thriller movie...: 1) In the midst of the Iraq War debate, Leahy was one of the few Senators pushing back against the Bush admin race to war and the threats of WMDs. He'd been reading the classified intel that the Bush admin was providing to Congress and had real doubts that it justified war.... 2) The Sunday after he read the intel, he was out walking with his wife in his McLean neighborhood when "two fit joggers trailed behind us. They stopped and asked what I thought of the intelligence briefings I'd been getting."... 3) The joggers asked ...

Explosives-Laden Drone, UNDETONATED - Found near Nord Stream Pipeline Bomb Blast Site
Post Date: 2022-10-24 09:50:53 by Horse
Sweden Police investigating the recent explosion which blew up three out of four natural gas pipelines between Russia and Germany, found an explosives-laden, but UN-DETONATED, underwater drone, near the fourth pipeline which did NOT get blown up. A wire which would have controlled the explosion of that drone, was found to have been severed. The police called-in the Sweden Army Ordnance Disposal Unit, to recover the undetonated drone, and to render it safe. The drone is now impounded and with it, the first conclusive proof of WHO carried out the bombing of Nord Stream. Sweden immediately Classified the drone and the investigation as needing to be concealed for "national ...

Post Date: 2022-10-24 09:38:49 by Horse
SAT. OCTOBER 22, 2022 -- Four more Oblasts (states) presently in Ukraine, will hold Public Referendums on Seceding from Ukraine to join Russia! We are talking about the Nikolayev (Mykolaiv), Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov regions. Poster Comment:SEE MAP.

EU To Give Ukraine 1.5 Billion Euros Per Month Next Year
Post Date: 2022-10-24 07:54:52 by Horse
Kiev estimates that running the country requires 3-4 billion euros every month "for the basics." Poster Comment:Doubling down on stupid. They should be spending that on Europeans who cannot afford to eat.

Village House In Sverdlovsk, Russia
Post Date: 2022-10-24 02:59:48 by Horse
Poster Comment:The house of the blacksmith Kirillov in Kunara village, Sverdlovsk Oblast (District)

Hunter Biden For President in 2024
Post Date: 2022-10-24 01:42:32 by Horse
Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best. Otto von Bismarck On Tuesday November 8th, we will discover whether or not the stealing of elections has been decriminalized in America. In 2016 the Democrats stole 8 million votes and  lost, not realizing how despised Hillary is. The Democrats stole 14 million votes in 2020 and elected a bribe taking, senile pervert who used to shower with his 13 year-old daughter. Nancy Pelosi told Democrats to move the issue away from inflation - this at a time when most voters are struggling to buy food, pay the rent and utilities and fill the gas tank to get back to work. They might need to steal more than 14 ...

"Simply Not The Right Time" - Sunak Set To Be Next UK PM As BoJo Suddenly Backs Out
Post Date: 2022-10-23 19:01:42 by Horse
Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suddenly (and unexpectedly) pulled out of the UK's Conservative Party leadership contest, leaving the path for former Chancellor Rishi Sunak almost unstoppable. The Daily Mail reports that as of this evening, 228 out of 357 Tory MPs have gone public with their support (as a reminder, candidates need 100 nominations from Tory MPs by 2pm tomorrow if they are to remain in contention ahead of a final poll of party members). Mr Sunak is understood to have 146 backers and Penny Mordaunt just 24. Mr Johnson had 57 public backers, but his decision to bow out comes despite allies having claimed this evening that he did, in fact, have the 100 MP ...

Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis
Post Date: 2022-10-23 15:55:03 by Horse
Poster Comment:In his opening Dima tells us that the Russian Ministry of Defense talked to the defense ministers of 4 NATO countries. 1) First Call was to France. He told them he had evidence that the Ukraine was planning to set off a dirty bomb.They would send sea mines down a river to a dam that would flood ethic Russian civilians and Russian soldiers. They would detonate a dirty bomb and radiate hundreds of thousands of people. Second call was to Turkey. Third Call was to UK. Fourth call was to US and Mr Raytheon. HE MADE IT CLEAR THAT THIS CANNOT HAPPEN.

Golds Gym Owner Among 6 Presumed Dead After Private Plane Vanishes In Caribbean
Post Date: 2022-10-23 14:46:21 by Horse
Costa Rican officials have declared Gold’s Gym owner Rainer Schaller — and five other passengers who were with him — missing and presumed dead after their private plane disappeared while traveling between Mexico and Costa Rica.

Fed announces third consecutive 75-basis point rate hike
Post Date: 2022-10-23 14:44:37 by Horse
The Federal Reserve once again raised interest rates by 75 basis points on Wednesday. This marked the third consecutive 75-basis point increase and the fifth rate hike this year. The move came as the Fed continues to fight high inflation, which hit 8.3% annually in August. This was a slight improvement from July but still remains near the 40-year high set earlier this year and is much higher than the central bank’s preferred 2% annual average. The increased federal funds rate also raises interest rates on products such as personal loans, mortgages, student loans and credit cards. The rate hike brings the federal funds rate to a targeted range of 3% to 3.25%, and the Fed said it ...

Gonzalo Lira: NATO Is Cocking Its Fist
Post Date: 2022-10-23 11:15:04 by Horse

New Documentary Alleges Anthony Fauci 'Devastated America' and the World
Post Date: 2022-10-23 11:11:30 by AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt
Film producer Jeff Hays details his new documentary , "The Real Anthony Fauci" and explains why he believes the policies advanced by the retiring White House Chief Medical Advisor devastated America and the world. Click for Full Text!Poster Comment:This is not an endorsement of Christian Broadcasting Company (CBN). It's owned by Pat Robinson, Zionist zealot. They have had some very bizarre videos surrounding the anti-Christ state which they promote as God's Israel, which it most definitely is not, IMHO. However, they do have some interesting videos/articles and you will just have to use your own discernment and weed Truth from Jewish fables. Here is the Movie Trailer, ...

David Petraeus: US May Lead Multinational Force Against Russia in Ukraine
Post Date: 2022-10-23 10:54:49 by Horse
David Petraeus: US May Lead Multinational Force Against Russia in Ukraine October 23, 2022 0 Comments Facebook The Military Industrial Complex wants their wars. That’s why they hated President Trump. He refused to start any new wars for the washed-up generals to blow up young bodies. On Saturday in an interview with L’Express from France, David Petraeus stated a “multinational force” led by the US may intervene in Ukraine. David Petraeus was the former general of the American army, commander of the International Assistance and Security Force in Afghanistan between 2010 and 2011 and director of the CIA from 2011 to 2012. RT has more on the conservation. ...

17 Out-Of-Place Artifacts That Suggest High-Tech Civilizations Existed Thousands (Or Millions) Of Years Ago
Post Date: 2022-10-23 10:49:23 by Horse
Authored by Tara Macisaac via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), According to our conventional view of history, humans have only walked the Earth in our present form for some 200,000 years. Much of the mechanical ingenuity we know of in modern times began to develop only a couple hundred years ago, during the Industrial Revolution. However, evidence today alludes to advanced civilizations existing as long as several thousand years ago—or possibly even earlier. “Oopart”—or “out-of-place artifact”—is the term given to numerous prehistoric objects found in various places across the world today that show a level of technological sophistication incongruous with ...

Iran Is Conducting "Massive" Military Drills On The Azerbaijan Border
Post Date: 2022-10-23 10:41:24 by Horse
...including practicing crossings of the Aras River, which defines a large part of the border between the two states... Poster Comment:The US stirred up trouble for Armenia with Azerbaijan because the former are a Russian ally despite being Christian. And there are many Azeris in Iran. But Iran has been upgraded to a strategic partner of Russia and likely has the S-400.

"Frankly Terrifying": Energy Crisis Could Drag 26M Brits Into Fuel Poverty
Post Date: 2022-10-23 10:32:10 by Horse
The axing of the energy price guarantee from April next year could lead to almost 11m UK households falling into fuel poverty... Poster Comment:Fuel poverty means that you cannot afford to eat food and to heat your house in the winter. The real problem is that they are not allowed to discuss the source of their miseries which is Her Majesty's Jewish government. That and the EU ought to be called Rothschild land.

Britain Wants to Bring Back Boris Johnson to Replace Most Diverse Government Ever
Post Date: 2022-10-23 09:47:40 by Ada
The most diverse government ever was the shorted lived government ever. They were celebrating the fact there were no white men in the government, then it immediately failed in the dumbest way possible. Now they’re going to… bring back Boris Johnson? New York Times: Boris Johnson returned to Britain on Saturday, feeding expectations that he would seek to reclaim his old job after the resignation of Prime Minister Liz Truss last week. His former chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, also seemed poised to join the race to replace Ms. Truss. Mr. Johnson, who had been vacationing in the Dominican Republic, won the backing of his former home secretary, Priti Patel, a ...

Post Date: 2022-10-23 08:14:24 by Horse
Gradually, international society is mobilizing to demand answers from the US about its involvement in criminal scientific activities. On October 18, Belarus, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria, and Russia invoked the Article VI of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) against Washington at the United Nations. The step is important, but, for now, it only brings together countries with a geopolitical stance not aligned with the West. It is essential that Western countries also begin to demand explanations from Washington. This article allows states to file a complaint at the Security Council if there is a suspicion that a country is not fulfilling with the ...

CBS Report About American 101st Airborne "Elite" Forces On Border Of Ukraine Staging Provocations
Post Date: 2022-10-23 02:23:04 by Horse

China's CPC Congress Passes Resolution To Boost Armed Forces, Speed Up 'Taiwan Reunification'
Post Date: 2022-10-23 02:12:15 by Horse
President Xi: "We will never promise to renounce the use of force. And we reserve the option of taking all measures necessary."

Soros, Thornton, Hawke: New Book Details How Beijing Manipulated Western Elites
Post Date: 2022-10-23 02:07:43 by Horse
Authored by Daniel Teng via The Epoch Times, Beijing’s highly secretive Ministry of State Security (MSS) leveraged and manipulated leading Western political and business elites to deepen the Chinese Communist Party’s influence around the world, according to a new book by Alex Joske, an expert on Chinese foreign interference. The early pages of “Spies and Lies: How China’s Greatest Covert Operations Fooled the World” detail how billionaire George Soros, inspired by his work establishing the Open Society Foundation in post-communist Hungary, carried out similar work for China during Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping’s economic reform era. The vehicle devised by ...

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